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What's New

New items in the shop that we are excited about. Designer labels, handbags, jewelry, shoes and other pieces that make us happy.

We cant get enough of this Michael Kors bag.

Michael Kors Blk Purse.jpg

A fun collection of Kate Spade Purses.

Kate Spade Collection.jpg

And this Disney Dooney & Bourke

Pinocchio Bag is just adorable.

D&B Ponocchio.jpg

Stunning vintage costume pieces that have to be seen in person.

Vintage Costume Jewelry.jpg

I mean look at this fabulous Banana Bowl.


And this set of French Blue glass Bowls.

Freshen up your home with these "Perfect for Summer" light decor pieces.

Or if your taste is a bit more eclectic, we may have something just for you.

Stop by the Shop today!

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